Let’s Get Organized


You’ve become your own boss – you finally left your job behind you and are working from home – GREAT!

And now that you are your own boss, you don’t have anyone breathing down your neck to get a task or project done.

No emails
No phone calls
No voice mails

If you are used to being an employee – this can be overwhelming.  You may not have even realized how much you depended on those systems that you hated.

Now it’s all up to you.

You have physical piles of clutter.  You can’t find your files on your computer.  You are repeating tasks and missing deadlines.  Your kids are always begging for your attention.  The housework is piling up.

You lack organization and systems.

As an organized solopreneur you will get the clutter under control and develops systems to support your business, your home and your whole life.  This site will have lots of tips and hints – and here’s the first one – not every organizing tip is right for everybody, so don’t try everything, just use what you need and discard the rest :).


Now don’t freak out at the word systems – they don’t have to be rigid or boring.  They need to be effective.

You have the power to create systems in your business, your home and life that work for you.  Fit into your schedule.  Play to your strengths.

You became an entrepreneur to better suit your own schedule and style – now let’s make you an organized solopreneur.

Are you ready to get started?