Being Organized Saves You Time and Money

We all want to be able to organize our schedules and have the commitment to maintain them on a day-to-day basis, but how?

Organization is beneficial for everyone and can be easily adapted to suit individual needs. And believe it or not, being organized in your life and business actually saves you time and money.  Time is money. Piggy bank with watches

A Place For Everything

If you keep things organized, you don’t need to spend time looking for them when needed. This is especially handy when you need to locate important yet rarely used items, such as insurance policies or tax time information. And it also keeps you from looking unprepared in front of your clients and colleagues.

The key to keeping things organized is to come up with a place to keep something and stick to it. This really is the key – sticking with it. Read More →

7 Reasons Why You May Be Disorganized

Disorganization can literally cost you money – but even worse it robs you of your most precious resource – time.  The stress that disorganization can cause a person is enormous. Things are often not done on time, you are always late everywhere, and you probably never know where to start and aren’t even ready to start when it’s time to start.

All of this stress caused by disorganization can also affect your health. It’s just not good on any front to live in chronic disorganization aka chronic stress. If you consider yourself disorganized, here are seven reasons why.

1) You Don’t Have a System

Too many people feel that a system must be rigid, that is not true, systems can be flexible and can and should be tailored to your individual needs.  But a lack of systems will keep you disorganized.  If you’ve ever had a job that already had organization and systems in place, it is likely you managed to maintain that organization at least for that job. Everything had a place, and everything had a reason, and there was a set system to do what needed to be done. That’s what you have to set up for your business and your life if you want to be successful long term without stress. Read More →

Organizing and Streamlining Your Digital Files

Computers are designed to store digital files in an organized and efficient manner. However, we humans have the amazing ability to get things disorganized too quickly sometimes.  How many times have you been looking for a particular document – and just give up and recreate it or download it again – if that’s an option. With digital files one of the most common problem is that you didn’t start organizing at the start and now your files are all over the place.  Another common problem is not understanding the technology.  

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Filing System

As you add files to your computer for your business, you want to make sure to label them with a name that will make them easy to identify and easy to find also.  If you have both personal and business items the first folders I would create would be to keep these all separate.  It’s also important to not go overboard with the creation of folders and sub-folders. Too many folders and subfolders just become more digital clutter.

Create folders in a way that is easy for you to navigate and understand. Read More →

Tips For Getting Your Home, Life & Business Organized

Its a new year, and most of us face the task of getting organized once again.  Use these tips to help you get and stay organized.  These tips are for your home, business and life.  Don’t let the size of the task overwhelm you, take small steps and these tips to keep you on track.  If you take the time to organize your home and life, the truth is everything will go much smoother. Read More →

Happy New Year 2018


Have a safe and happy 2018


Ready to Countdown to a New Year?

Today’s post is a bit different, I’m sharing an audio file (that I have permission to share) about using the countdown concept to keep you motivated all year long.

In the audio, he talks about goals, habits and resolutions, all ideas that are talked about a lot at this time of year.  And the biggest reason we are all focused on these ideas is because we have a desire to make a change.  All too often we put change in the bad category, but really change is good.  I have a small cross stitch ornament that I keep on my desk that reminds me ‘Without Change There Would Be No Butterflies” it is a good reminder when things are not going according to my plans.

The audio is only 6 minutes long, so it won’t take much of your time to listen and perhaps make a difference for you in 2018.

The Power of Visualizing Yourself Achieving Your Goals

Visualization can be a powerful tool in helping you to achieve your goals.  The ability to see yourself in the life you dream of can help you get to that lifestyle sooner than you imagined.  

Do you feel confident? If you are like most people, you are feeling less than supremely confident in at least one area of your life. This is normal, especially if your life experiences are taking you out of your comfort zone.  If you have low self-esteem and feelings of low self worth, you may have trouble envisioning a rosy future.

Whether you are experiencing a temporary feeling of lack of self-confidence, or one you experience regularly, there are some steps that can turn low self-confidence into a belief that you can be successful in reaching your goals. Read More →

Important Steps for Goal Setting Success

The most successful people in every field, set goals and then plan and act to make those goals happen. To reach the pinnacle of your own success you should set meaningful goals and learn how to work to achieve those goals. 

You have the freedom to select your own goals according to your likes and dislikes – and no one else can set your goals for you – they are uniquely yours.  A common reason people don’t reach their goals is because they want to reach the goal yesterday – it takes time to make big changes in your life – don’t rush the process. Set a realistic time frame and then be generous with yourself, it may take longer than you plan, but then again – the sooner you get started, the sooner you will reach your goals.

Also be prepared to fail.  You will not hit the mark every time, you will make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and move on.  On the old TV show ‘Friends’ when Monica and Chandler were dating and got into a fight, Chandler assumed that was the end of the relationship.  He had never learned how to have a fight in a relationship and solopreneurs – especially those that come from the corporate world – have not learned how to fail. Read More →

How to Set Successful Long Term Goals

Have you heard the pharse, that a goal without a deadline, is just a dream. And also – a goal not written down, is just a wish. So how do you go from wishing and hoping to actually setting meaningful and obtainable goals?

In life reaching goals is a marker of success.  There can be a big difference between dreaming and actually becoming successful. I love to daydream, but I have to do more than just dream to make my dreams a reality.  Of course, lets face it, not all dreams should come true. Garth Brooks, had a wonderful song many years ago about thanking God for not answering all of his prayers.  Here’s a link to the video on YouTube. Read More →

Are You Letting Self Doubt Keep You From Reaching Your Goals?

What is Self Doubt?

Self-Doubt is your lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Self doubt can keep you from doing the things you want to do and it can keep you from reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself. In fact, it can be quite paralyzing, keeping you from moving forward towards the life and business you have been dreaming of.

Let’s face it – no one wants to be stuck in a life that is not fulfilling.

So how can you get past your self doubt?

The key to banishing those doubtful feelings and the little voice in your head that tells you that it can’t be done is confidence. And the best way to build up your confidence is to take action.  As long as you are taking actions that move your closer to your goal, you will be able to reach your goal.

I love to cross stitch, and I tend to pick out big projects that take a long time – I’m talking more than 1 year long projects.  Often times when I’m working on a large project, I feel like it will never be done – so I take a break.  I find a small project that can be finished quickly – a few hours up to about 1 week – and then I have a finished project.  It builds my belief that I will actually finish the bigger project.

What can you do to build your confidence and move you closer to your goal?

Another way to build confidence is to look at what you have already accomplished.  We often don’t give ourselves enough credit for all that we have done and just beat ourselves up for what remains to be accomplished.

This can help you overcome fear about taking the next step also.  Seeing everything you’ve already done may give you just the boost of self-confidence you need to keep your self doubt at bay.

Are you working with a coach or mentor?

Finding an advisor or mentor can also be amazingly helpful. I became a coach because I was so helped by my first coach Rachel – we are still friends.   Having someone there to hold your hand or just to cheer you on can help you make sure that you are moving towards your goals.  If I can be of any help to you please comment below, or reach out to me privately by using the contact form here.

Give yourself a break

Break down your big goal into smaller tasks. It doesn’t take nearly as much confidence to tackle a small task as it does to attack that big goal.  And each time you complete a small task you are building your confidence.  Little by little you’ll make progress and eventually reach your goal.

If overwhelm is an issue for you, this is a great strategy.

The main thing is to acknowledge the feelings of self-doubt, but don’t let them take control over your life. Yes, it’s normal to doubt yourself. It happens to all of us. Just do what it takes to get you moving and working towards your goals despite your self doubt.

You’re capable of so much more than you think you are. You just need to prove it to yourself.

 To help you get started on your goal planning download this free Goals Journal to help you figure out what you want and to develop a plan to reach those goals.  Get started today, click here to download.