A Planner with a Purpose

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So this is my 3rd year using Leonie Dawson’s Shining Year Workbook Planners – and I love them more and more each year.

2017 Shining Life Workbook Set

2017 Shining Life Workbook Set

These planners are so much more than planners.  Leonie calls them workbooks, and they really work.  The basic premise of the books is that you review the previous years success and failures and then use that information to plan the upcoming year.  I used these planners last year and attribute using them to being able to buy our own house this year.

Can I just tell you, the planners are even better this year than last year.  The artwork is always amazing, and inspiring.  Leonie is great at using color and words to keep you inspired.  There are 2 options for the workbooks, Life and Biz, you can order one or the other or both, as you can see in the picture, I got both :).

Just to give you an idea about the level of detail, just look at the packing tape:ld-planner-packing-tape


Can you see it?  And each year she has improved the planners, this year they still maintain great quality and are lighter in weight, so easier to be able to use on the go.  I actually pre-ordered my set in July, so I was able to get mine if the first shipment, and she does usually run out each year, so if you want yours, don’t wait. Click here to get your own.

This is inside the Life Planner:



Isn’t is welcoming – don’t you want to create you own Shining Life?

She created these workbooks for herself several years ago, and others noticed and wanted it too, so the workbooks were born.  As I mentioned above there have been improvements, and additional products each year, so that is a real bonus.

Hint, Hint – these will make great gifts also.

Oh, 1 more thing – included with both the Biz and Life workbooks is a wall calendar.






As you can see the wall calendar is large, and supports all the work you will be doing in the workbooks.

I hope you love these as much as I do.  Enjoy.

Please comment below when you get your own copy.


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