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Clarity for Your Business Goals and Organization

If you lack clarity about your business, you are likely to be stumbling along rather than growing your business as you had planned.  Getting clarity about your business and your business goals will help you to get your business organized.

These are some clear signs that your business is not working. Read More →

Do You Love PLR as Much as I Do?

So I guess you already know that I love PLR.  PLR – Private Label Rights, is just generic information, sold in batches, that can and should be customized.  It is wonderfully helpful to get me started with ideas for blog posts and I get lots of material that I can customize for you my readers and customers.  I rarely publish the PLR as it is written, but you can do that if you really want to.

But PLR can be very low cost and that makes it easy to have a lot of unused PLR left sitting on your computer’s hard drive or filling up your dropbox space.  Kelly McCausey, a very smart solopreneur recently offered a peek into how she uses PLR in her business and her tips and tricks for making sure she uses the PLR she purchases.

Well, I watched her webinar and then took a look at my own stash.  Um, yeah, I have tons of PLR and some of it is just plain outdated information.  In other words, it is trash.  So I spent money to buy a product, downloaded it to my computer and never used it as intended and now I am literally throwing my money away.  This made me mad.

So I have spend the past 2 days, making some deep and painful cuts to my PLR stash – it is still too much.  I have a lot that I need to read and see what it says and make sure it is relevant for you.

If you are like me and have an overflowing stash of PLR, you may want to take advantage of Kelly’s new coaching offer, called it PLR Review Coaching..  She will spend time with you one on one to help you get that PLR sorted and put into use.

Like I said, after watching her webinar, I was inspired and I know that if you work with Kelly, you will be inspired too.  I know that I will love my PLR even more now that I’m putting it to use.

Let me know in the comments below, do you have a PLR stash?

Have You Forgotten What You Own?

It happens.

But it shouldn’t.

Do you know all the domain names that you own?  Do you have websites you have abandoned?  Is you computer loaded with software that you have never even used?  Do you have PLR that you haven’t done anything with?  Do you know all the memberships you are a part of?  Do you know all the Facebook groups you are part of?

Have you bought the same product more than once because you forgot you already owned it?  I had it happen when I was at a cross stitch get away – because I love to cross stitch – and there was an on-site shop.  I loaded up my basket real full and then I was showing off my purchases – and I pulled out the same pattern twice.  I was so caught up in the moment of shopping that I wasn’t really paying attention anymore – that shouldn’t happen in your business.

You may have heard the term bright shiny object syndrome.  We have allowed ourselves to become almost programmed to press that buy button.

Slow painted on the road

The best way to combat this is to stop and really think about the product.  How will it be used in your business?  Is there a learning curve?  Do I have the time to learn and implement this product right now?  What is the potential ROI (Return on Investment)?  If it really fits your business then buy the product and immediatly put the time on your calendar to learn how to use the product – if needed.

Most products offer a money back guarantee – so I also put a reminder 1-2 weeks before the warranty period is over – to make sure I have utilitized the product and I am getting my money’s worth.  I find this step has helped me to greatly cut down on my bright shiny object purchases – it might help you too.

Now if you don’t already have an inventory of your products and memberships – make it a priority – it will save you time and money in the long run.