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Can Happiness Help You Get Organized?

How can Happiness Help You Get Organized?

The idea of being organized makes people happy, but the truth is most people don’t get happy about the actual task of organizing (except me).  If you allow yourself to take a more positive approach you might be surprised by your results.

Science has proven that when you are happy you make better decisions and that your brain offers more creative solutions.  When you are in unhappy, angry, or just plain blue you are more likely to make poor decisions and be less creative. So the next time you think about getting organized and that feeling of dread comes over you, change your attitude before you get started. Read More →

The Secret to Successful Organization (And Lots of Other Stuff Too)

I know that you want to be successful in your organizing goals.  Perhaps you have gotten organized in the past only to fall right back into old habits, or you get started organizing, but don’t get very far at all and just abandon the project all together.

Part of the problem may have been that you didn’t have an end goal in sight.  You have to know what you want to do before you can successfully get organized.  I know you want to get organizeed, but you are dabbling, and you aren’t really clear on your next steps along the way.

The world’s most successful people know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going. They have a clear plan of action and will stop at nothing to make success happen.

If you want to be successful at getting your business orgainzed (and other areas of your life too), you will have to do the same. You will have to have a plan, stick to the plan, and know when you need to be flexible and make the necessary changes.

In addition to knowing what you want to do, you need to know why you’re doing it.  A strong why is a foundation for success.  It keeps you going when you’re tired, when you’re frustrated, when you’re wondering if it’s all worth it, because your why is always the reminder that keeps you moving forward.

What are you doing to get your business organized right now? Are you thinking about what needs to be done?  Are you taking daily action? Maybe you feel like you’re stuck, treading water, but not really getting anywhere.  Maybe you are completely lost — you have bought various products and trainingings that promise to teach you how to get organized, but it hasn’t happened for you yet.

I think the problem may be in your mindset, rather in the specific solution itself.  If you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it’s never going to fit.  So, what you’re doing right now may not be truly in alignment with who you are. You’re dabbling, clinging to the idea of the next great thing that comes along.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of wonderfully helpful solutions created everyday, but if you don’t have that end goal in sight, they won’t really be that helpful in the long run.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to change the core of who you are, just that you have to have the mindset, that you want to be organized and that nothing will stop you from reaching that goal.  Know that not everything you try is going to be the right fit, but it is easier to recognize this and move on when you have a clear goal and an open mindset.

And one of the big differences between those who are successful and those who aren’t is that they aren’t waiting for a product or a training to make them successful, they modify existing solutions to fit their purpose, or they create their own unique solution.  What an organized business looks like to you most likely won’t be the same as the coffee shop down the street, but isn’t that one of the main reasons you wanted to go into business for yourself?

A switch in mindset can have amazingly wonderful results for you.  Please share in the comments below when a shift in mindset has helped you move past a problem.

I’m Lori Winslow, the Organized Solopreneur.  I help solopreneurs get their business and their life organized.  To get started, pick up a copy of my Top 10 Ways to Get Your Solopreneur Business Organized.

One Thing You Can Do To Break The Cycle of Quitting

You know how much you love to start organizing your office and then you get distracted.  And, guess what, it didn’t get done again.  Of course, now we feel like a failure…again.  Let me tell you the best way to avoid this dreadful outcome.

I know you have heard this before, and the reason is because it works, break your tasks down into steps.

So, for instance, you have a physical or digital filing problem.  You sit down and start filing things into the folders you already have, and what about the files you need to create.  Are you creating those on the spot or are you setting all those aside and filing them at the end.  Do you have a huge pile – is it more than you can handle in a single sitting?  If so, when are you going to finish the job?

Ask and answer these questions ahead of time and you will be on a roll in no time.

Organizing can often seem overwhelming, and we can get very emotionally involved with our stuff.  So even though we have a great plan that details each step along the way, our emotions may become a stumbling block.  If this becomes a problem, remind yourself of why you want to get organized in the first place.  Write down what a clean office or computer desktop will do for you.  Will you be able to serve more customers because you are organized?  Will you enjoy your work more once the clutter is gone?

Once you have your “why” written down – make sure it is an a place you can see it on the day you take action.  Motivation needs to be revved up again and again.

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Pick one area of your office that you want to organize.  Write down the steps you need to take to get that accomplished.  If you get stuck, or have questions, use the comments below.