Are you stuck?

Do you need to bounce some ideas off someone?

Do you have questions?

I can help you over the rough spots.  Don’t worry, we all need help sometimes.  I can help you get over the hump and make sure that you keep moving forward.

As an organization coach, I feel that my role is in between a business coach and a life coach.  The reasons you accumulated those stacks of paper in the first place will find their solution more from the aspect of life coaching, and yet we still need to make sure that we are not neglecting your business, that place where the money comes from.  I can be that sounding board for the ideas of how to better organize aspects of your business and your life around your business.  We can work on keeping those piles of clutter from accumulating, by creating systems that work for you and with your own natural tendicies.

Get 1 hour of personal 1-on-1 telephone or skype coaching for only $75/hr.


If you know you need more help and want to have my help for a full day consider pbooking a VIP Day.

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