Important Steps for Goal Setting Success

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The most successful people in every field, set goals and then plan and act to make those goals happen. To reach the pinnacle of your own success you should set meaningful goals and learn how to work to achieve those goals. 

You have the freedom to select your own goals according to your likes and dislikes – and no one else can set your goals for you – they are uniquely yours.  A common reason people don’t reach their goals is because they want to reach the goal yesterday – it takes time to make big changes in your life – don’t rush the process. Set a realistic time frame and then be generous with yourself, it may take longer than you plan, but then again – the sooner you get started, the sooner you will reach your goals.

Also be prepared to fail.  You will not hit the mark every time, you will make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and move on.  On the old TV show ‘Friends’ when Monica and Chandler were dating and got into a fight, Chandler assumed that was the end of the relationship.  He had never learned how to have a fight in a relationship and solopreneurs – especially those that come from the corporate world – have not learned how to fail.

Failing is part of growing, as long as you don’t let the failure define you or stop you from reaching your goal, failure is your friend.

Here are a few useful tips for setting the goal:

  1. Think deeply about the goal you set for yourself. You should visualize what you want to achieve in your life. Determine what passions drive you. Think about the feeling you get when you think about achieving your goal.  Create a vision board.
  2. Write down your goal. Actually put pen to paper, don’t just type it out.  Write your goal as if it has already happened – and be as specific as possible. Learn to set SMART goals.
  3. Develop a plan to reach your goal. Make a plan to reach your big goal and then break it down into smaller goals to keep your momentum going. Without a plan, you will struggle to reach the goals you have written for yourself.
  4. Be accountable to yourself or someone else. You need to evaluate your progress on a regular basis – and you need to be able to be objective about your progress.  You need to be able to be firm with yourself or you should strongly consider hiring an accountability coach to keep you on track.

Setting goals and actually achieving the goals takes time.  Don’t skip any of the steps above if you want to have goal setting success.  Remember, setting goals, sets you apart from the majority of the population, so take action today. I learned the hard way that just thinking I knew what I wanted to achieve was enough.  I believed that I didn’t need to go through all these formal steps, no writing needed here, no formal plan – and no accountibilty – oh yeah and no success.  As I learned to write goals, make a plan and review my goals on a regular basis, I have found success and you can too.

To help you get started try this Free SMART Goals Worksheet, it also has PLR rights if you wish to share the worksheet with your customers.

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