Purging is the Place to Start

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I love how graphic the word purging sounds.  And I love how good I feel when I have purged my office, and my home of items that are no longer serving me.  Getting rid of stuff can be as liberating as losing weight.  That is why I always suggest, or even insist that purging your home office is the first step to getting your business organized.

One of the reasons I love books like The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is that it helps us to allow ourselves to let go of stuff.

I feel that our Western culture places too high a value on stuff, that we need to put more of an emphasis on our life experiences rather than accumulating more stuff.  But lets be honest – not all “stuff” is bad.  We like to have stuff like clean clothes, and for us to have those clean clothes, we need to have a place to keep the clothes, like our closet or dresser and a place to clean our clothes, either in our own washing machine or at the local laundrymat (do they still have those?), these all require a bit of stuff for the stuff – so not all “stuff” is bad.

Back to your business, what is in your physical space that doesn’t need to be there.  What is broken?  What really belongs in another room of the house?  Is there items that are still in good shape, but aren’t useful to you anymore, you can donate those items to a local charity.  Purging is a great place to start because often times it is obvious what you can get rid of, and you can see a visible difference right away.

Now, the next place to purge items is your computer desktop.  Icons, icons, icons, is that all you see when you open your home screen?  Now what do you really use, and what can be put into a folder of like items?  Get rid of stuff that is old.  Do you have ebooks from 2013 taking up space on your desktop?  These are the first items to go.

This should also be an ongoing project.  I like to set aside some time about 1 hour every month, to see if there are items that need to be purged from my office.  This will help you to keep the clutter from building back up, once you have had your own purging.

I’m Lori Winslow, the Organized Solopreneur.  I help solopreneurs get their business and their life organized.  To get started, pick up a copy of my Top 10 Ways to Get Your Solopreneur Business Organized.

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