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WordPress Keeps Your Blog or Website Organized

WordPress is a Content Management System, currently the most popular in the world.  It allows you to create completely custom sites with great functionality options.  This allows you to have an organized website or blog right from the start. 

Why WordPress?

WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003, and is currently the largest self-hosted blogging platform in the world.  There are actually millions of sites using WordPress and tens of millions of visitors.  You are reading this blog post on…you guessed it…a WordPress site.  

The dashboard is the ‘heart’ of your site and where you can see all kinds of information and where you can navigate to various parts of your site.  From your dashboard you can make changes to the appearance of your site, add content and upload images, and much more.

Let’s Get Started

Now, if WordPress is new to you, it will seem foreign at first, like all new things, but you will quickly learn your way around your dashboard.  I had used WordPress many years ago, or I should say that I tried to use it, and it wasn’t the streamlined system that it is now. I find that if I have a question or get stuck, most of the answers can be found on YouTube.  The true advantage of WordPress is that you don’t have to learn any code to have a beautiful and unique web presence.  WordPress allows you to customize your site with themes and plug-ins, both of which have many free and paid options.

All of you images will be saved in one central location on the WordPress platform.  All of your posts are saved automatically in date order of the most recent being at the top, so you can always see what you have been working on most recently.  You can also have pages on your WordPress site, these usually consist of your about page and your contact page, or whatever you want your pages to be.  You decide what goes on your navigation bar and even where that navigation bar goes.  Now the most common problem is to get overwhelmed with the amount of options, but the trick, as with most new things is to just try it.  Or in the words of Nike ‘Just Do It’.

I like knowing all my work is saved on my site and to better protect yourself, you can also clone or copy your site, so that if something unexpected were to happen, you would still be able to retrieve your information.  Getting organized and staying organized is dependent on you knowing where to find information when you are looking for that information.  Having a WordPress site allows you to do that by design, no extra work required.

I’m Lori Winslow, the Organized Solopreneur.  I help solopreneurs get their business and their life organized.  To get started, pick up a copy of my Top 10 Ways to Get Your Solopreneur Business Organized.

Last Pass Will Get Your Passwords Organized

I have been using Last Pass for several years.  Last Pass is a password manager, that means you only have to remember 1 password instead of many.  It can also help by creating unique passwords for you.  You put your business at risk if you use the same password on all your logins, this system makes it easy to get unique passwords for all your logins and make sure you can remember all those passwords.

By only having to remember one password, your brain can be free to remember other more important things.  I’m going to date myself a bit here but bear with me.  Long ago, we all used to have to remember people phone numbers.  If we couldn’t remember we had phone books, large ones from the phone company, smaller ones next to our phone at home and even smaller still to carry around in our purses.  Then phones started getting smarter, you were now able to program up to 10 phone numbers in your phone, such convenience.  Of course, nowadays with real smart phones, we have our ‘phone books’ with us all the time.

The concept of Last Pass is the same, we have our passwords with us all the time.  I do still have my old password book – because every so often I will find that I have missed adding something to Last Pass, but it really is just a dust collector at this point.

A feature I haven’t really mentioned is the fact that you can add an extension to your browser on your laptop and I also have Last Pass installed on my phone and my tablet.  It goes without saying that once you change a password, it is saved to all your devices automatically.  And the best part of all is that it is free.  If you wish to upgrade to their premium service it is only $12/year, but the free version will be enough for most folks.

There are other password managers out there, but I have only ever used this one, and I have never had any reason to look elsewhere.  If you want to do more research just google, but make sure you use a system, as your business grows you will have more and more passwords to remember, you do not want to use the same password over and over.

Last Pass also has the option to allow you to seperate which logins are for business and which are for personal use, creating a more organized life yoru for you.

I’m Lori Winslow, the Organized Solopreneur.  I help solopreneurs get their business and their life organized.  To get started, pick up a copy of my Top 10 Ways to Get Your Solopreneur Business Organized.