3 Ways You Can Use Bullet Journals To Transform Your Business

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Bullet journals have become a popular organization tool. They can be simple spiral bound notebooks or specific planners that have a dot grid pattern. These dots or grids make it easy for you to design beautiful pages that help you keep track of the various areas of your business and life. Here’s 3 ideas to try in your business.

Make Blogging a Regular Habit

As a busy business owner, blogging can too easily be pushed to the back burner. I know I am guilty of this too. I need to spend time working with my clients, and working on product creation is important. I also have a few niche sites that sometimes get my “writing brain” so my main site doesn’t get the full attention it deserves.

But at the end of the day, the truth is these are all excuses – it is up to me to make sure that I find a way to keep my blog regularly updated.

This is where bullet journaling comes in. I create a tracking page in my bullet journal that allows me to make notes as to whether I have written and scheduled a post for that day, or if I just have a topic idea – this way my content is planned in advance. I don’t blog daily except when I’m involved with a blogging contest or challenge. On a “regular” month, I aim to blog 3-4 times each week – a bullet journal tracking page will help me reach this goal.

If you are not blogging as consistently as you would like, consider setting up a blog tracking page in your bullet journal. If you are blogging consistently, but have other areas of your business that could use some tracking,

Prioritize Your Day

I know that when I was first given the advice to focus on the 3-5 most important tasks of the day, I thought people were crazy – I had way more than 3-5 things that must get done every day. But it turns out, the more I “tried” this method, the more it worked. I was able to focus on a few specific tasks and become more productive. 

I use my bullet journal as a place to write down all the things I want to get done, without an edit or a specific plan, then I take all those ideas and decide where I want to focus my attention. If you find yourself, jumping from task to task all day long without accomplishing anything, you may want to consider using your bullet journal to help you prioritize your day.

Make Changes In Your Business

If you find yourself wanting, or perhaps needing, to make changes in your business, finding a starting place may be scary or difficult. Using a bullet journal can be a great place to brainstorm the changes you want to make – and the results you are trying to achieve by making these changes.

For example, perhaps you want to add affiliate marketing to your business. You can brainstorm products you would like to promote, and make a schedule of how and when you will promote these items. If you are looking to add more passive income, you may want to create blog posts and share the posts on social media sites and/or share the posts via email.

Perhaps the change you want to make, is to better track your income or expenses. If you use paid advertising, you want to make sure your ads are producing income – you can use your bullet journal to track your results. Or, use the bullet journal calendar to remind you to check your results on a regular basis.

The more you use your bullet journal, the more ways you will find to use your bullet journal. I find that I prefer to at least start my thought process on paper, so the bullet journal allows me to do that and to keep everything in one place – no more wondering where I wrote that down.

If you like the idea of trying a bullet journal, social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can offer tons of ideas. This is my Pinterest board for bullet journals here. You can also search using these common hashtags:  #bujo #bulletjournaling #bujojunkies #bulletjournal.

If you want to learn how to use a Bullet Journal in your Online Business, click here.

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