Are You Ready To Give Gutenberg a Try?

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I have been hearing so much hype about Gutenberg, I wanted to give it a try. The new Word Press Block Editor – as I learned Gutenberg is now called is now the default on new Word Press installs, though you can change it to the Classic Editor. And I have to agree with Colin Newcomer, the author of this tutorial, who said:

While the new block editor does let you do some things that you weren’t previously able to do in WordPress, it’s also not always the most intuitive tool when you first sit down with it.

This article explains very well how to use the block editor, and discusses how to get around some of those shortcomings that currently exist.

I personally found it easy to use, and this article helped me better understand the “blocks” – I’m excited to dig back in.

Full disclosure, this post was created in the classic editor, I have not yet updated this site to 5.0. I have a new domain that I’m playing around a with a bit to learn how to use the Word Press Block Editor formerly know as Gutenberg.

Some of you have themes that already have the block system, have you tried the new Block Editor?

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