How to Develop a Goal Achiveing Mindset 

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Developing a Goal Achieving Mindset

There are very many ways that one can create an goal acheiving mindset, trial and error will help you find what works best for you.

The truth is success is in the mind – your thoughts have power.  Your idea of success may not be the same as mine – we may have different goals.  This is why it is so important to make sure that your mindset is open to the work required to meet the goals your are setting.

It is not what happens that controls you but the way you react to those happenings.

To reach a goal, you will have to make changes, you will have to challenge yourself.  As you work closer to your goals, you will encounter obstacles, having the proper mindset, will help you navigate these rough waters.

Successful people understand the value of failure, and to be a success you will want to learn how to view your failures or mis-steps in an objective manner to be able to learn from them.  This shift in thinking is what allows most successful people to flourish. People like Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, to drop a few names.  They learned even when they failed, this mindset allowed them to reach pinnacles of success that most people never even dream of – you can do the same with your goals even if they are not as big as these mega celebrities.

The truth is too many people are not even taking the time to think about goals – let alone write them down, you are already closer to success than most of the population just by taking these 2 actions.  The most successful 1% of the population writes down and reviews their goals on a regular basis – this keeps them focused and on track.

Our mindset need to lead us to positive action(s).  Mindset is an ongoing study, and while the methods may vary, they do agree that you have the power to choose your mindset.  Use your power wisely and intentionally. Write down your goals and the steps needed to reach those goals.  Review your plan on a monthly basis, and you will see amazing changes in your life and your business.

Whatever you think about is what will be attracted to you.

Think about success and success will be attracted to you.  Now of course, thinking alone will not bring your success, you must take action.  Follow others who have achieved the type of success you want to achieve and model their success path.  For instance, I want to make a more than full time income from the comfort of my own home.  I work with coaches and mentors that have already achieved that goal and follow their advice and do the tasks that lead me closer to my goal.  The thing you want to notice is that there are those who have achieved the level of success you seek, and so can you if you follow their footsteps.

It is very important for one to study those people who have achieved their goals and copy them. This can also allow you to dream bigger dreams since they are showing you what is possible. It is also very important to remember that they have also come up against obstacles and have had to learn how overcome them.  This is the mindset you want to learn to emulate, to help your become an accomplished goal achiever too.

As people learn to overcome obstacles they will develop a more optimistic outlook when problems do arise. You may want to borrow their way of  handling matters and also their way of thinking.

Limiting your exposure to people who don’t support you and your goals may help you reach your goals sooner.  Sadly, not everyone will support your desire to set and achieve goals, they have the power to drain away your evenrgy and drive if you let them.  Don’t let them. I know if they are family members this can be harder to limit your exposure, but keep your eye on your goals and don’t their lack of direction draw you off your own path.

I have said this before – your must write down your goals and the steps you need to take to reach those goals.  If you keep them in your mind and never commit them to paper, they will stay in your mind and never come to fruition.  It can be hard to make changes and once you write down your goals you are making a committment to yourself, this is a big step – and an important step.  If you want to successfully achieve your goals, you must first accept and believe that it could happen.

Your goal achieving mindset will help you as you set your goals and will be invaluable to you as you go through the process of reaching your goals. The most important thing is your attitude towards your accomplishment. If you believe in yourself then the other people will also believe in you. You must have it in your mind that success comes from within you first, then reflect that in your actions and your goals will be achieved before you know it.

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