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Having a good reason to be confident, brave, and courageous can be a huge help.

As I have mentioned before, I am a huge tennis fan, and today was an exceptional day in the sport for the wrong reasons. During a Grand Slam Championship match the umpire took exception to being called a thief (for previously awarding a point to the other player) and this time gave a whole game to other player.

The 2 participants in this tennis match were Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. The person that was in trouble was Serena. The trouble all began when she was given a warning about on court coaching, which is not allowed during the Grand Slam tournaments. Serena was most upset that she would be perceived as cheating, not that she was being reprimanded.

Sadly, her focus was redirected to the issue with the umpire, rather than being able to focus her attention on the match she was playing. As a fan, it was devastating, for both players it was distracting. Naomi Osaka played a great tennis match and deserved to win, but we will never know if Serena could have made a comeback, like she has done so many times in the past.

I’m sure most of us can relate to Serena, we get focused on a side issue and lose sight of our main goal. For us it is building a business, for her it is winning a tennis match, but if we lose that focus there are consequences, sometimes minor, sometimes major.

It’s true that we make time for and work on the things that are important to us. I want you to start creating new habits by focusing on what’s important to you.

Don’t worry about feeling like you “should” do something. That can come later. For now, let’s start with what you’re passionate about.

Let’s say that you would like to become a better cook, grow more of your own food, lose some weight, and get back into running. That’s a long list of positive changes and it will take some time and effort to build up your courage to make them all happen.

What if you focus on the one thing you’re passionate about? Choose something that’s fun and important to you.  For this example, let’s say you’re most passionate about gardening. Just start there.

Build those new habits and focus your time and effort there first. Seeing your garden flourish and having that delicious, fresh produce to work with will give you a huge boost in confidence.

Knowing you have delicious product to use may inspire you to cook more from scratch to use up the food you’ve grown. From there, you can branch out and make smarter food choices that will help you lose weight.

Do you see how focusing on what’s important to you can help motivate you to get started? While gardening isn’t particularly difficult, it did take some effort to plant, nourish & harvest it.  You had to take action and that’s all I’m really asking you to do.

Now apply those same principles in your business. What is the one thing you can focus on to get started getting your business organized today?

It doesn’t matter if it is your most important goal or task. You can use it to get started on this task of focus.

Once you have seen success, then you can become more strategic in your focus, but start simple and then let the skill grow.

Think about what’s really important to you. Make sure you realize that there’s a big difference between something being urgent and something being important. We often focus on the things that have the tightest deadline, the stuff that needs to get done “right now”. While it may be important, it’s often not the thing that’s most important to us overall.

Make the choice of what’s truly important to you and then focus.  And when you find yourself in the same situation as Serena Williams found herself today, you can find a  way to keep your focus on your most important goal.


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