How Bullet Journaling Can Improve Your Business Mindset

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Whether you’re finding it difficult to keep up with your scheduling, or you have multiple notebooks or journals already, bullet journaling can help you make positive changes. Bullet journaling is a combination of a planner, calendar and journal that’s actually quite effective in getting you and your business organized. In fact, keeping a bullet journal can be beneficial for helping you reach your business and personal goals.  And don’t we all want that?

Bullet Journaling Helps with Mindfulness

Far too often, people move from day to day without ever stopping to appreciate the little joys in life. Not only are they failing to feel and express gratitude for the many wonderful things that that are happening in their lives, but they’re also overlooking a number of tremendous, learning opportunities. Using a bullet journal allows you to see and track what is happening in your life and helps you to stop and reflect on seemingly minor events that might otherwise go overlooked – which is what makes it so powerful.

The practice of being mindful isn’t just about noticing the positive things in life either, you will also be better able to spot negative habits and be able to institute positive changes. The bullet journal system is designed to help you take note of any events that happened during the day, this is most likely where you will start to notice certain patterns. Creating trackers in your bullet journal allow you to monitor any changes you wish to make and also the outcomes.

So now you are able to be more mindful about what is happening in your business and your life and the bullet journal system supports your efforts.

Bullet Journaling Helps Encourage a Positive Mindset

When you keep a bullet journal, you have the power to fill it with any type of material that you choose. Ideally you will get the best results if you can make it a daily habit to record in your journal. Recording your gratitude, spending time reflecting on the small blessings we encounter each day can help you turn a negative mindset into a more positive and therefore, more proactive mindset.

Each of us has our own struggles, but we also have the ability to focus on the good things we get each day. Even if you are swimming in debt, or struggling in your inter-personal relationships, you also have the ability to walk, run and jump, which is something that many others do not have. We are all struggling with something  – we all have strengths and weaknesses – but by focusing on the good we can learn to control our reactions to bad situations.

So in addition to expressing your gratitude, consider making a list of traits that make you stronger, smarter, and more enduring than any problem you’re currently facing (or may face in the future).  Using your index, make sure to refer back to that page in your bullet journal often and remind yourself that your have you the strength, and the right attitude to keep pushing forward.

Bullet Journaling Helps You Set and Track Your Goals

Bullet journals are also great tools for overall life and business planning. If you’ve ever wondered how some people seem to have their whole lives figured out, you should consider the fact that these individuals may be using the bullet journaling system. The bullet journal allows you to create your goals, have a handy place to review them often, and use trackers to make sure you are working towards your goal(s).

The best part about using a bullet journal to establish and pursue life goals is the fact that this process can be as formal or as informal as you would like. Your journal can be a simple platform for bouncing ideas around and helping them take shape. Then you can make the goals more concrete, or if you already know what your goals are, write them in your bullet journal and then add the steps you need to make it happen.

I use a weekly spread to track my goals and commitments for the week. You will want to find what works best for you, daily, weekly or monthly tracking. I found that daily was too much, and monthly was not often enough for most things, but I do still use monthly trackers for certain aspects of my business.

Bullet Journaling Can Enhance Creativity

I am not artistic, even my stick figures are barely recognizable, but when I add colorful pen choices, stencils and stickers to my bullet journal, I feel more creative. Just the act of journaling and tracking can be a boost to your creative process. Think about it, you are keeping track of not just what has already happened, but you are also planning for the future by using the bullet journal system. As you think and plan for what you want to achieve in life, your imagination is engaged, allowing for infinite possibilities.

Recently, I was doing some planning that I was not excited about, so I got some stickers and added them to my bullet journal pages, and it helped me be more excited and interested in planning, it also opened some path in my brain that helped me to think outside the proverbial box. So it may not just be the words you are writing down that make your bullet journal effective, but adding some color and style, may help your mind be more creative the next time you are planning.

Just don’t get so caught up in decorating your bullet journal that you forget to use it for its intended purpose keeping you and your business organized.

Bullet Journaling Can Help You Improve Your Communication Skills

In the very long list of benefits that bullet journaling can provide, better communication skills is hardly the least. The practice of writing about your thoughts and feelings will make you more adept in issuing thoughtful responses. It will also improve your emotional intelligence, thereby making you better able to respond to the wants and needs of others in an empathetic way. Bullet journaling also teaches you to be  -brief in your entries, this helps you to better communicate in less words – I love the challenge of learning to say what I need in as few words as possible.

One of the reasons I love using my bullet journal so much since it is completely customizable it can meet my needs at any given moment. I’m able to know if I’m staying on track for the goals I have set for myself. I’m able to keep track of my finances. I am also able to have a place to write down all the ideas I have during the day, rather than all those scraps of paper, and post-it notes I used to have everywhere.

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