How Do You Define Time Management?

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We all hear about time management, and we are told it is important. It is also said that a person who does not respect time does not respect his or her own self and that may be a bit harsh, but also holds a grain of truth. Time management is so important that today’s parents often teach the values of it to their children so that they can grow up to be better individuals. Learning time management skills at an early age can help children better reach their goals as they mature. But don’t worry if you didn’t start as a child its not too late to try to take control of your busy schedule.

How would one define time management actually? Is it about making a timetable and abiding by it? Or is it about allotting a specific time to do your daily tasks? Or is it about separating time for work, play, food and everything else that a human needs to do?

So What Is Time Management?

In my opinion, time management is all about scheduling your tasks in any way that ensures their accomplishment. It does not matter how much time you allot to your tasks; the main thing is that you should be able to accomplish everything that you set out to do. This way you no longer find yourself wasting our most precious resource, time. Even entertainment and recreation—two very important human necessities—should be accounted for. As you master this skill you can call yourself a good time manager. Doesn’t that sound nice?

To be able to be effective at time management, you will also need to master the art of prioritizing. This is really core of time management, by being able to prioritize, you can more easily say “no” to projects that are not a priority.  We all have so many different things to do throughout the day. However, our time, our most precious resource is limited. That is why prioritization is so important.

Priotizing Is The Key

Prioritizing ensures that we accomplish the most important tasks first. Which are the more important tasks? The answer will be different for every person, and you may struggle with this initially, but keep trying. Start by looking at tasks that may be holding up someone else.  For example, do you have a virtual assistant that is waiting for a response to an email, that is a priority task, you are paying for that person’s time, and you are only delaying the completion of your own project by delaying. As you learn to prioritize, you automatically manage your time in a way that moves you forward, rather than keeping you bogged down in excuses.

So, whether you are a seasoned business owner or are just getting your business started, it is essential that you learn to value time. Time is a finite resource—it is our utmost responsibility to make the most of every second that we have and use it fruitfully for some kind of advancement, either in our busienss or in our personal life. Learn to prioritize and take back control of your calendar and you will find that you will find more joy in all that you do.

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