Lessons Learned From Participating In My First Business Bundle

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I recently participated in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle (it is now over) and I learned a few things.

Lesson #1 – Problems will Happen

Even with testing, things can still go wrong. I created a special link for the participants of the bundle to be able to download the product for free, since they had already bought the bundle. I tested the link, I had my sister test the link, and Angela Wills, who runs the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, also tested the link – no problems.

The bundle goes live and from my tracking I see that I had a couple of sales from the link for the bundle – unexpected. I contacted Angela with the emails of the purchases I was concerned about and she verified they had indeed purchased the bundle, and she checked the link again, everything was okay for her, but obviously there was a glitch somewhere. I was able to refund the money spent right away, and let those who made the purchase that they indeed did not owe any money.

And a big shout out to the folks who were interested enough in what I had to offer that they were willing to pay more to get access to my offering.

Thankfully, Angela is a very smart lady and she had a work around, that we had up and running very quickly, problem solved. She emailed those who had already purchased the bundle so that they could try again to download the product. So even though you think everything is okay, there can still be problems – but they are fixable.

Lesson #2 – Expect Good Things

My expectations were exceeded – in a very good way. My email list was increased by over 150 new subscribers, and that number is still growing even though new sales of the bundle have ended, those who purchased have 60 days to download their products, so it may continue to grow even more.

My actual goal when I joined the bundle was to increase my email by 50 people, that happened the very first day J. I then hoped for 100 people, again that happened by the 3rd day – so now my updated goal is to have 200 new subscribers by the end of the 60 days. By the way, this was a great problem to have – exceeding my goals too quickly.

Lesson #3 – Quality Matters

The quality of the person offering the bundle matters. This bundle was the first one that Angela Wills had ever offered, and she made it exclusively products from her community. She freely admits that she had no idea how much work was really involved when she hatched the idea, but she was also so wonderfully excited for the bundle and for the members of her community, that includes me.

Each month in the club, Angela offers us an actionable challenge to help us grow our business, and I have to tell you, the steps she gives us really do work. If you would like to be a part of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, you can check it out here. If you are interested in learning about email marketing, the club is the right place for you – Angela is amazing at email marketing.

Lesson #4 – Create Products

Product creation is a must. To be able to participate in this or any bundle or giveaway, you must have something to offer. In the case of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle, Angela helped to guide us towards product creation, so we could be prepared, but most opportunities will not be so guided.

I was planning on my next product already, but I realize, I should be creating more products more often – not at the risk of quality of course. The more ways people can find you and what you have to offer will only help to grow your business. I even created a quick product last night that I’m extremely proud of, now I just have to finish the sales page and I will have it up for sale – I feel like I’m in the “Product Creation Zone” – you have been warned – lol.

Lesson #5 – Say Yes

The final lesson is of course, say yes. When I was offered the opportunity to be a part of this bundle, I said yes. I filled out the information and sent it in before I could think of a million reasons why I should not participate. Remember to be open to growing your business online, you will be offered different opportunities, be prepared to say yes to the ones that fit you and your business.

I hope to see you in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle next year when you join the Club.


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