How a Newsletter Can Help You Get In the Content Creation Habit

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One way to develop a good content creation habit is to create a newsletter.  Newsletters can be published daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever time frame you choose.  You just want to make sure that you can provide the promised content at the promised interval that you decide on.  

When deciding on the interval of time for your newsletter, make sure it works for you and your readers.  I also want to strongly caution you from choosing to only send a monthly newsletter.  Most people get email for lots of folks everyday, so if you only contact people once a month right from the start, they are likely to forget who you are by the time you send out your second newsletter.

I went to a doctor’s office whose policy was to ask every new patient if they could be added their email list for their quarterly  – yes, I just said quarterly – newsletter.  I didn’t even need treatment in that office for a full quarter.

Once you have decided on frequency you can decide what content to add. As you plan and create your newsletter content think about your readers problems and how you solve them.  You want your newsletter to be something they look forward to reading because they know they will always come away with at least one new bit of information.  Your newsletter can be as simple as a recap of your recent blog posts, or subscriber only tips & hints that you don’t share on your blog, just so long as you provide value to your readers.

If you have decided upon a weekly newsletter, then you want to think about what will be happening in the upcoming week that you want to promote.  Perhaps there is a new product about to be launched, or you want to highlight a blog post that has a great affiliate offer. Speaking of affiliate offers, I recommend that you create a calendar of any special dates, deals or launches for affiliates you regularly promote so that you don’t miss out on any potential income.

Your content is not just to remind people that you exist, but it offers a way to offer helpful solutions and make affiliate offers, when appropriate.  Try to stay at least 3-4 weeks ahead in your planning, this will also help to make sure you have content topics ready to go.

You can decide in what format to deliver your newsletter.  I realize the name implies written, but you can also offer an audio newsletter or even a video newsletter.  Feel free to change your format from newsletter to newsletter, to see what your audience likes best.  Or even consider doing a combination of written content and a short weekly video to your subscribers.

Your newsletter should include a bio.  You can create this section once and reuse until you feel that it is time for an update.  Your bio should be short and be clear about who you serve and how you serve them.  For example, my bio might say: Organization coach who helps solopreneurs clear their mindset to get their business and their life organized, by offering information products, and coaching.  Feel free to share your own bio in the comments below.

Be flexible, but committed.  Sometimes, you will not be able to stick to your plan, do your best and keep moving forward.  

Use social media to share your newsletter or just parts of it to encourage others to sign up.  Put up reminders that tomorrow is when the newsletter is coming out and perhaps offer something special only for subscribers.  Give you readers a reason to look forward to your newsletter.

Don’t forget to include the appropriate disclaimers.  If you are including affiliate links, you must include an affiliate disclaimer and you also must offer a way to opt out of receiving your newsletter at any time.  I am not a lawyer, and the laws are always changing, so please don’t mistake this for legal advice.  I offer guidance only.  And you can make it fit your personality as long as it still meets the intent of the law/disclaimer.

Your newsletter takes commitment, and is well worth the commitment, over time, your newsletter can become a reliable stream of income, as well a fantastic way to connect with your ideal audience.  So if content creation has been a struggle, maybe a newsletter is the way to develop a content creation habit.

If you have a newsletter you would like to share, please leave a link in the comments below.

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