How to Overcome the Content Creation Challenge

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Creating ongoing content for your blog seems to be a challenge for most online business owners at some time or another.  The easiest way to overcome this challenge is to have a plan.  I have gone through several courses myself to help me get over the content creation challenge myself.  Truly, it was simple, but profound solutions that seemed to help the best.

One common theme was to create a content grid of topics – 50 to 100 topics on your grid just to get started.  I really struggled with this.  It made me feel like I didn’t know my subject matter.  (but I really do) The bottom line was initially the grid didn’t seem to help me.  

I would look over my list of topics, that felt forced and repetitive, and I wouldn’t write a thing.  Or I would write a few sentences and quit.  Yet, many people found these grids helpful, so tried again, and again.  

It was worth the continued effort, I finally had a breakthrough, and the content topics come flowing out of me almost effortlessly.  The topics were varied and would be of interest to my readers.  

So if you have struggled with the challenge of creating a content topic grid please don’t give up.  Every time you sit down and try to come up with those ideas, you are teaching your brain to think about blog topic ideas, and that will produce the topic grid that will finally help you connect with your readers on a regular basis.

Another basic principle is to just keep writing.  If you find writing at all difficult, then you just need to do it more often.  Your writing will improve over time, but it won’t get any better if you never post anything to your blog.  As I mentioned above, I struggled with my content topic grid and even with the ideas I did have, I struggled to write more than a few sentences.  

I didn’t push myself to keep going, and that in the long run has cost me time.  Time, that I wasn’t posting to my blog, time I wasn’t building my audience, time I wasn’t telling the search engines this was a current blog.  Now, I post on a weekly basis, based on my topic grid.  The best part is that I can also post on any topic that comes up, even if it is not on my grid for today.  I now look forward to sitting down to write my blog posts, and even if the words don’t seem to flowing, I keep going, and it gets better.  

So how much better served would your content creation goals by following these two bits of advice, create a content grid, and just keep writing as often as possible.  Even though I don’t post to my blog everyday, I am writing.  I have several niche blogs, so I write on different topics throughout the week.  I use content grids for those sites as well to keep me at my most productive.  

If you are stuck on your content grid, or have any questions about setting up a content creation grid, please use the comments below or the contact form.

If you would like to know more about overcoming your content creation challenge, you can get more information from me and many other experts by clicking here.

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