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Write Down Your Goals to Boost Your Chance of Success

Write Down Your Goals to be Successful

Setting goals is an important part of life. Goals allow us to measure our successes and achievements, and also allows us to see when we have veered off our path and need to make corrrections.  Knowing your goals defines what you want to achieve and why it’s important to you. While not all goals are equal they do all deserve the best chance of achievement.

In life we all have dreams, ambitions we want to achieve. However, it is entirely in your power whether they remain dreams or whether you will actually set out to make them a reality. If you think of a dream, then it is more like a hope; a wish not yet fulfilled. Perhaps your ambition is to make one million dollars in sales per year. That’s great but just having that dream won’t actually help you achieve it.

Write It Down

Writing your dream down can help increase the chance of it becoming a reality. The very act of committing it to paper makes it more real and concrete. You can see it.

However, there is more to making your dreams turn into reality than merely writing it down. You actually need to flesh it out. You need to give it substance and to ultimately it will become a goal. By turning your dream into a goal you are further increasing your committment to its ultimate achievement.

Your goal is the end-point. It is what you want to achieve and how you will know you have been successful. The key to success is to writing down the steps you will take to get there.

How you will turn that goal into a reality?

It is important to know why that goal is one you want to achieve. So you need to write down what achieving it will look and feel like to you. How will your life change? By making your visualization of your success as descriptive as possible and by writing it in the present tense as if you are living it now, you create a connection with your sub-conscious mind.  This is key – write in the present tense, as if your goal has already been achieved.

Additionally, writing is a right-brained activity. It is part of your logical and analytical mind. However, the very act of writing keeps the right-brain occupied and allows the more creative left-brain to be accessed. This will let you begin to create and visualize the future you want.  Pretty cool how our brain helps us out.

Setting that vision down on paper is a record that you can refer to again and again. It will remind you why you want to achieve the goal you have set and how you will know you have achieved it.

Step by Step

Adding the steps to achieving the goal provides you with a to do list. You can tick off each step as you complete it and see your progress. This can be very motivating especially if you find yourself struggling. Acknowledging how much you’ve achieved can strengthen your resolve and provide motivation to continue.

Alternatively, by having a written record of your goal and the steps needed to achieve it you will be able to see if your mind has changed. Often you’ll find that your actual goal changes. Where you started as wanting to reach one million dollars in sales you may find that you actually want to do is sell off portions of your business and work less – because you realize your goal is to be relaxing at the beach, not just growing your income or maybe even something totally different!

Goal setting is not something that is written in stone. Your written goal, visualization and plan will not only be a record and guide but a working document that can be changed as your vision of your future changes. Having it written down enables you to track your progress and any changes. You can evaluate as you progress and by ticking your achievements off as you go you’ll be able to celebrate your progress along the way.

For the last few years, I have used planners from a business coach and artist named Leonie Dawson.  She is based in Australia, and each year she creates these amazing planners that help you to reflect on the previous year to help you plan for the upcoming year.  This year the planners are available on Amazon.

Truly these planners work, I believe that I was able to buy my house from using the Life Planner. And last year when I was filling out the section on who I would like to work with, my pen seemed to have a mind of its own and it has been the best decision I could have made for my business.  My email list has tripled in the last year and I have been more consistent about actually getting my content published rather than just gathering dust on my hard drive.

Use the Life Planner or the Business Planner or Both to help you effectively write down and achieve your goals.

How to Effectively Write Down Your Goals So That You Achieve Them

In our professional and personal lives, we are constantly working toward goals, trying to motivate ourselves and direct our behavior in a more positive direction. Perhaps your goal is to complete a certain amount of work in x-time, perhaps it is to increase profits by so much, or maybe it’s to get into great shape and lose fat.  But did you know that if you don’t write down your goals they are not as effective in spurring you into meaningful action.

Goals are a big part of our lives for most of us. Only problem is, a lot of us don’t know the best way to write these goals if we want to actually achieve them and this creates problems.  Writing down your goals in a meaningful way makes all the difference in your ability to achieve them.

The Problem With Most Goals

The goal of ‘losing weight’ or even ‘losing X pounds’ is one that you’ll see commonly and that is similar to the goal of ‘growing profits’ in business. Either way, this is an example of an abstract goal that has no structure and that has very little chance of coming to fruition.

The problem with goals like this is that they are a) vague and b) largely out of your control.

If your goal is to increase profits or get into shape by next year, what does this involve doing on a daily basis? It’s all too easy to not be productive towards that goal daily because you probably think you can worry about it later – or because you don’t even know how to go about achieving it.
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