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Why Journaling Helps to Improve Your Mindset

There are many different types of journals and styles of journaling, to help you find what fits your personality best. You can use a traditional journal, or you can use a journal geared towards a specific subject or topic. And of course, Bullet Journaling, great for those who prefer an analog system that can be customized to suit many needs. Any journal that you use consistently can help improve your mindset.

Journaling Helps Change and/or Develop Habits

Journaling can really help a lot with your daily habits, changing existing habits, or developing new habits. You can use your journal to help you evaluate how you live your life on a daily basis and help you make conscious decisions to reach your goals. Read More →

Why is Focus Important to Solopreneurs?

First let’s talk about it in the aspect of business, focus is the ability to concentrate on the task at hand, over and over again, in order to arrive at the ultimate end goal.

Now focus is not as skill that everyone is born with, but the good news is that it is a skill that can be learned.  It does take practice to be able to focus effectively.

One of the best ways to focus is to create an environment that allows you to be focused.  Now for some people this may be a very quiet room, and for others, music may be beneficial.  You know what works best for you.  Now, you need to create a time and place that you can be focused.

But before you get settled into this lovely focused place, make sure you know what you will be working on.  Is this a time for brainstorming?  Will you be writing a blog post?  Is this client time?  Have a plan and then put this time of focus to use and you will be amazed at how accomplished you can become.

Multitasking is the death of Focus

Let me shift the focus (ha-ha) for a moment and talk about multi-tasking.

You might think that the most efficient thinkers and doers of this world are great at  multi-tasking, but you’d be wrong.

Actually, the opposite is true. Most of the movers and shakers of this world have learned how to focus, that is why they were able to become the movers and shakers of this world.

Effective focus means focusing on one thing – one task – until completion, and only when that task is complete, moving on to the next. Multi-tasking is actually a way to keep you occupied, but not the way to truly harness the power of the success of true focus.

Multi-tasking creates sub-par results.  You need to focus to produce your best results.  I can multi-task, but when I’m working directly with a client, they have all of my focus, and they know that.  People can tell when you are distracted, and when you throw something together vs. creating your very best product.

I know that sometimes we have to multi-task, but take a serious look at your business and see where you can be more focused and reap the rewards of that focus.

Focus not Blinders

Now, even though you should be focusing on one thing at a time, you still need to retain the ability to turn on a dime, recognize when that focus needs to be placed elsewhere, and be able to change your focus.

This is not multi-tasking.

This is prioritizing.

And prioritizing is the most important skill you must have in order to turn your vision into a focused reality.

In business, situations can change in a heartbeat.

You need to know when you may need open to change.  Learning to focus on one thing at a time, but having the ability to change direction quickly, will spell the success of your solopreneur business!

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