Let’s Get Your Solopreneur Business Organized

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Lori Winslow

You’ve become your own boss, you are a solopreneur – you finally left your job behind you and are working from home – GREAT! Or maybe you are still trying to figure out all these moving parts before you make that leap to being a solopreneur. Either way, you came to the right place.

If you are used to being an employee, suddenly not longer having a boss can be overwhelming.  You may not have even realized how much you depended on those systems that you hated in your day job.

But, now it’s all up to you. You are the final decision maker and you will bear the responsibility of your business, and all the good and bad that can come with being a business owner. You are not alone and even though you are or want to be a solopreneur, you really don’t have to do everything yourself, more on that later.

You lack organization and systems.

You have physical piles of clutter.  You can’t find your files on your computer.  You are repeating tasks and missing deadlines.  Your kids are always begging for your attention.  The housework is piling up.

The truth is that getting organized is often on the to-do list, but it doesn’t generate cash, so it’s easy to put it off until later.  And while it is true that getting organized doesn’t make you money, being disorganized can cost you money and even credibility with your customers.

Here at The Organized Solopreneur, you will learn to get the clutter under control and develops systems to support your business, your home and your whole life.  This site will have lots of tips and hints – and here’s the first one – not every organizing tip is right for everybody, so don’t try everything, just use what you need and discard the rest :).

I have a three step process for all organizing tasks.

  1.  Purge
  2. Organize
  3. Systemize

That’s it in a nutshell.  Get rid of stuff before you even try to get organized, then organize what’s left.  In order to stay organized you will need to develop systems that work for you.

As a new or nearly new business owner, it can be hard to know what to get rid or and what to keep, but this is how clutter builds up, physically and mentally. If you are not sure if you need something and letting it go seems to final, then you have to find a place for these items, where you dont’ see them on a daily basis, and put an appointment in your calendar for 3 months from now. On that appointment date, you are going to review these items and see if you are ready to make a decision – if anything still remains repeat the process until you determine that you need these items or you can let them go.

Systems Are Neccessary

Now don’t freak out at the word systems – they don’t have to be rigid or boring.  They need to be effective. To be effective, they have to be something that works for you and your business – or they are totally useless.

You have the power to create systems in your business, your home and life that work for you.  Fit into your schedule.  Play to your strengths.

If you create systems that you hate, or that you ignore, then you are just wasting your time. Now if you are trying to use a system and it is not working for you, as long as you are making note of what is working and why as well as understanding why is not working, then you are making progress. Even if you can’t quite say why you do or don’t like something, it is still important. If you just say this doesn’t work and quit, you are not helping yourself – and you can’t get organized that way.

You became an entrepreneur to better suit your own schedule and style – now let’s make you an organized solopreneur.  My special gift in life is the ability to break down jobs into simple steps.  I can help you too.

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